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Sushi Girl Newhalf Miran

Sushi Girl Miran is on the menu tonight and this is one meal you will never want to miss. I have seen this before where the girl stretches across a table and sushi is placed all around her and you eat the food off of her. I have seen it in Japan, Thailand and even in places like the United States where they are always trying to find something new. I personally have never tried it but wow if Miran was the choice then there would be no waiting on my decision. Give me the Miran Sushi girl right now because she looks delicious and I want a piece of it right now!

If you are really lucky after you finish your meal you will get to have Miran for dessert. She certainly would taste a lot better than the Sushi and will even have her own Shemale Japan Newhalf Cream to finish off the excellent night. Bob was smart to get hold of this sexy girl when she visited the United States the other month and he has done a wonderful job with her, she looks delicious.

Sushi Girl Miran