shemale Miran Japan Babe

Miran Japan Transsexual Beauty

The very cute and sexy Miran is back on Bob’s Tgirls and when this sexy Newhalf was in America it is obvious that Bob had to get her. I wonder how many sets he took of her, certainly it was quite enjoyable to photo such a beauty. Miran from what I have seen from chats with her on Twitter and just her overall tweets is she is an adorable both inside and outside. A real sweetheart with a killer body and one hard cock. No wonder she is becoming one if not the most popular Newhalf in Japan and probably across the world she is on a lot of guy’s sexual hitlist. I even have two friends that don’t even want to get together with a transsexual but they both told me they would give Miran a go, she is just too stunning.

Of course we got another mirror shoot and what better way to showcase the beauty of Miran in that fashion. If Miran was my girlfriend I have mirrors all over the place especially in the bedroom and maybe the shower too, want to see as much of her as I possibly can. Can you imagine two Miran girls, if there ever was a reason for cloning it is Miran!

shemale Miran