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I do not know where Beni Sisaki came from but I want more of this sexy Newhalf Teen. She is looking so adorable in her school outfit and if you don’t fall in love with her amazing ass then you must be blind and you can’t see it. She is pure perfection, sure her cock is a little smaller then I usually desire but it gets nice and erect and her body and obvious beauty makes up for it in a big way. She gives you a lot of upskirts in the full video over at Shemale Japan. I can’t believe she has 3 movies already and more to come I am sure with this sexy thing. The site can tell she is going to be a huge star if she so desires, could hardcore be on the way? I certainly hope so.

I am not sure why so many guys are addicted to seeing the school outfit. Perhaps the feeling of innocence that wants to be very bad. Or how something so formal can also look so sexy, whatever it is a lot of guys including myself love the look and Japan are notorious at having some of the sexist school outfits around, simply stunning. I would go back to school just to be in the same class as this sexy girl. How come you never study she is sure to ask me and I will respond, cutie I been studying you since day one!

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